Marathon xlTools Suite

What is the Marathon xlTools Suite?: The Marathon xlTools Suite is a Microsoft Excel 2019 based suite of financial and developer tools to aid an investor or trader in recording, tracking, analyzing and reporting investments and financial trade transactions of any kind. It consists of a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) coded Microsoft Office 2019 Add-In file and a set of Excel workbook and worksheet templates. It is highly configurable and can be easily customized to suite whatever the user needs to accomplish. The first beta release for comments of the suite is planned for early 2020. It incorporates the following components:

Marathon Trader: An Excel worksheet-based tool that will make recording investments and trading transactions a snap, even for fast paced day traders with multiple accounts on different platforms and multiple instruments being traded. The tool automatically calculates realized and unrealized gains, allows views into individual instruments and rolls up the results in real time. The user can easily configure the worksheet any way that works.

Marathon Quotes: The user can configure the Marathon Quotes worksheet to acquire quotations on demand. Tools are provided for queries of the CryptoCompare and Alpha Vantage REST API web-based sources, the Microsoft utility provided with Excel and a screen scraping utility for scraping data from the watchlist of a user defined TradingView web page. Any combination can be set up and will query the sources on command, populating the real time results into the Marathon Trader worksheet or anywhere else.

Marathon Taxes: The user can insert worksheets from templates that are pre-formatted and pre-developed calculations of income tax. At present, Ontario, Canada worksheets for 2018 and 2019 are available.

Marathon Books: A worksheet-based GIFI compliant books of account tool is provided and suitable for a small operation. General Ledger, Operations Journal, Income Statement and Balance Sheets are provided. They are easy to use, integrated with the Marathon Trader worksheet(s) and provide a one-page view of the user’s entire operation using the Excel hide and show grouping function and drill down techniques.

Marathon Developer: Provides a handful of useful tools for the Excel developer including an easily accessible set of buttons of the most common Excel tools used by developers and one button access to the legacy Microsoft Office '97 Excel VBA WinHlp32 .hlp type Help files (recovered from an old Microsoft Office '97 installation and viewable with the Microsoft Help 1 (WinHelp32) reader that can be installed using a separate Marathon provided installer.

Marathon Configure: Provides several ways to customize the xlTools Suite. The custom controls are packaged as a custom ribbon, a custom QAT (Quick Access Toolbar), on-worksheet button controls, hot keys and on-right-click context menus. Instructions are provided for the user to create the set of controls suited to their work needs. A full Help file accessible from any worksheet is provided.